What language do people speak in Morocco? Detailed Instructions

languages of Morocco

Morocco has multiple languages and two official languages. But the question is, what language do they speak in Morocco ?

Morocco is home to a variety of languages. They can also communicate in Spanish and English. Moroccans can also communicate in French. Morocco accepts mainstream Arabic as well as Moroccan Berber. The percentage of Moroccan Berber speakers ranges from 60% to 80%.

The languages of Morocco are discussed in this article. We talk about which language of Morocco typically speak.

what language do they speak in Morocco?

what language do they speak in morocco

Moroccan Arabic or Berber is the official language. So we talk about these two languages,


Standard Arabic is one of Morocco’s prestige languages. Darija is another name for Moroccan Arabic. Arabic is the most frequently spoken language in the region. The dialect is comparable to languages spoken in Libya, Mauritania, and Algeria. Standard.

Arabic is mostly heard in schools, government offices, and mosques. It is occasionally heard in Arabic in formal presentations, religious disputes, and literary themes.

Moroccan Arabic, on the other hand, is neither written or spoken in households or on the streets. Other speakers live in cities like as Casablanca, Agadir, Rabat, and Marrakech.


Morocco has a history of not include linguistic data in its censuses, making it impossible to ascertain the precise population of Berber speakers. Berber is widely spoken in rural Morocco.

In 1990, there were around 1.5 million speakers of the Riffian dialect, which was mostly spoken in the Rif area of northern Morocco. Other Berber dialects in the country include the Eastern Middle Atlas, Ghomara, Eastern Zenati, and Senhaja de Srair.

Morocco Official Foreign Languages


French was introduced to Morocco by French colonial officials, who established it as the language of media, administration, and education. In modern-day Morocco, French is utilized in a variety of contexts, including industry, finance, education, government, and trade.

Moroccans study French in school, and those who finish secondary school are fluent in the language. As a result, many Moroccans are proficient in both French and Moroccan Arabic.

English and Spanish

The national educational changes that began in 2002 encouraged the usage of English. English is used in Morocco’s education, business, and scientific sectors. Morocco is experiencing an upsurge in the usage of English, particularly in metropolitan cities.

In most metropolitan cities, taxi drivers speak relatively little English. Despite the number of English speakers in Morocco, English is not one of the most commonly spoken languages.

Nearly 5 million Moroccans speak Spanish, mostly in the country’s north. The Spanish presence in northern Morocco may be traced back to when Spain claimed the territory and recognized Western Sahara as a province.

Do They Speak Spanish in Morocco?

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Morocco belongs to the Francophonie. Due to historical links and commercial relations with Spain, many Moroccans speak Spanish, notably in the northern regions surrounding Tangier and in portions of the south.

In these areas, Spanish is mostly utilized in the media and in public discourse. Because of the closeness of Spain and Morocco, as well as the large number of legal immigrants from Morocco to Spain, Spanish is gaining popularity in the country.

In Morocco’s southern provinces, there are around 22,000 Moroccan Spanish speakers.

Do They Speak English in Morocco?

Overall, English is not commonly spoken in Morocco, with just around one in every six or seven individuals speaking it. The usage of English was encouraged by national educational changes that began in 2002.

English is used in education, business, and science in Morocco.

FAQ: What Language Do Moroccans Speak?

How many languages are spoken in Morocco?

Morocco is home to a diverse range of languages. Morocco has about six official languages. However, there are three main languages spoken in Morocco.

  1. Arabic
  2. Berber
  3. French
  4. English
  5. Spanish
  6. Amazigh

Is Morocco French or Spanish?

Morocco was ruled by France and Spain in the early 1900s, and despite independence in 1956, French is still commonly spoken by Moroccans throughout most of the nation.

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    This article addressed the question, what language do they speak in Morocco? Morocco has several languages spoken since it is considered the home of many languages, some of which we covered above.

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